About Us

Chapitre LLP is a progressive full service law firm providing legal services to clients across a broad spectrum of sectors. At Chapitre, we understand the business terrain in Nigeria and the challenges businesses face at all stages of their growth and development. At Chapitre, we pay attention not only to the finer details of the law but also to all the other issues which have the potential to impact our clients’ businesses. We combine our knowledge and expertise to deliver practical and creative solutions, tailor-made to suit each client’s legal and business needs. With our offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt, we are centrally located and accessible, not only to our clients in Nigeria but also to those along the West African coast. At Chapitre, we take a fresh angle on situations in our exploration of the best modes to provide practical and commercial solutions to challenges faced by our clients in today’s economy. We are people oriented with strong cultural values.